National Marketing Programs

In most cases, national marketing campaigns and promotions are driven in-store with the use of merchandise and point of sale collateral. The head office marketing department should also ensure that ancillary tools are provided that outline the effective participation of a campaign.

A best practice franchisor will provide franchisees with the information critical in maximising the national promotions at a local level, including:

  • The mechanics of how to effectively participate in the campaign
  • How to properly merchandise the store
  • Key promotional and action dates
  • Tools for motivating staff involvement
  • Information relating to any incentive programs associated with the campaign
  • Terms and conditions  


It is likely that every franchise will be expected to participate in the campaign according to the specifics provided by the franchisor. This includes adhering to merchandising guidelines and terms and conditions. 

As a franchisee your Franchise Agreement will likely stipulate that you must follow any and all promotional direction from head office and any use of the logo and trademarks must be approved by the franchisor.

Often there will be activities that you can undertake at a local level to leverage off the national promotional calendar. It is recommended that you use the experience and knowledge of your fellow franchisees and Franchise Support Consultant to assist in developing local area marketing campaigns. Again, be sure to seek approval from the head office marketing department for any local advertising or marketing, or online use of the logo.