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Hairhouse Warehouse Launches it's new franchising specific website

Hairhouse Warehouse, Australasia's largest hair and beauty retailer and salon operator and franchise, has launched it's new franchise specific website. After a year of planning and development, the new website has gone live.

"This sets a new milestone in the history of Hairhouse Warehouse," says Peter Fiasco, Franchise Development Manager at Hairhouse Warehouse.

Like so many franchise brands in the market, Hairhouse Warehouse had it's franchising information in amongst its standard website. However, as the the brand developed it's website into an Online Retail store as well, the franchising section of the website became more and more confusing. This is something that many brands face. Hairhouse Warehouse decided that they would set the new trend in the franchising industry by developing a site that is specific to franchising.

Technology and the accessibility of information has changed the dynamics of franchising. In the past, someone interested in buying a franchise would do research on a brand and would be able to find little information. The only way that someone could inform themselves, was to enquire with the brand directly and hope that they provided the information they wanted. As technology has evolved, people looking for business opportunities have now got a huge amount of information at their finger tips. Online, social media and the smart phone have changed this forever. A potential franchisee now has access to many avenues of information, and can be better informed. However, that information is sometimes all over the place.

In franchising, this is no more evident than in the enquiries they receive from people interested in their business. A person who is interested has now done a large amount of research before they hit that enquiry button. So buyers are now more informed and more savvy. "As a franchise brand who's livelihood is dependent on attracting great franchisees, we had to ensure that our potential franchisees can get the information they want and need," says Peter. "Our Hairhouse Warehouse website is essentially a retail website now, and was not up to the task. A person interested in buying a business needs to be able to access and navigate for information they need easily." The result is the new website that Hairhouse Warehouse have launched named Franchising Gateway.

The new website is only the beginning. As well as the website, they have also launched their very own Hairhouse Warehouse Franchising Channel on YouTube, which will be continuously updated with videos about the brand and their franchisees, as well as any other relevant material. "We have been busy over the past 12 months collating relevant information that a business buyer may want and need to ensure we have a relevant website for them to navigate through," Peter adds.

On the day of launch, the website has information about all the current New stores that Hairhouse Warehouse is planning to open over the coming 3 years. In the coming months, there are several enhancements that will also be rolled out, such as a portal for business buyers to be able to log in and download forms, and business tools that they can use to assess a business that they may be interested in, as well as access member specific information.

A very unique feature of the website is their First Time Business Owner Section. This has been designed specifically for the first time business buyer, who may not have a lot of experience in buying a business and needs further support and information, such as being able to access financing options, legal advice  and links to banks that Hairhouse Warehouse has finance accreditation with. Other information in this section will include training opportunities for people interesting in being able to improve their leadership skills or financial analytical skills. In the near future, they will also launch a Business Tips sections where several industry leaders will contribute.

"What Hairhouse Warehouse is doing by launching their new Franchising Gateway site, is very unique and industry leading," says Corina Vucic, Director of FC Business Solutions. A company that specialises in providing support services to franchisors across Australia. "It demonstrates how Hairhouse Warehouse is thinking outside the box and really understands their audience. They have taken a very new approach to the recruitment of franchisees."

The web address for the new Hairhouse Warehouse Franchising Gateway site is www.hairhousefranchising.com.au, or it can be accessed through their retail site www.hairhousewarehouse.com.au and by clicking on the franchising button.



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