Hairhouse Warehouse New Concept Store


Hairhouse Warehouse’s new store concept takes the Power of Good Hair to a new level.

Good hair just got a whole lot more powerful, with a slick new Hairhouse Warehouse store design that enhances customer experience, within a fresh new store environment.

Hairhouse Warehouse has always been a leader in its field. From the brand’s attractive franchise model that offers multiple revenue streams, to its targeted regional expansion rollout, the group has led the way in Australia’s hair and beauty retail and service for over two decades.

The realm of visual merchandising is no exception. As consumers adapt their shopping habits to the 21st century, Hairhouse Warehouse has embraced the changing retail environment with an innovative store design that will revolutionise the way customers navigate the store, and interact with products and staff.

“Customers are evolving,” says Franchise Development Manager, Peter Fiasco. “People are increasingly time-poor, and they want their shopping experience to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our new store design will ensure that Hairhouse Warehouse continues to be the destination of choice for Australian hair and beauty retail consumers.”

The old store design has worked well for the brand, but it was time to take the store design to a whole new level, and make the store environment customer centric, ensuring that customers find what they want, when they want.

“We knew we needed a major update to make sure that we remain on-trend,” says Co-Founding Director, Joseph Lattouf. “The new store design is all about celebrating the products we sell, and the services we offer.”

In moving the brand forward, Hairhouse Warehouse conducted customer research to gauge the areas in which they needed to improve.  

“We went directly to the source,” says Visual Merchandising Manager, George Manikis. “We asked our customers, how do you want to shop? We asked them questions about their shopping habits and preferences. We conducted case-studies so that we could learn more about the Hairhouse Warehouse customer and how we could improve their experience.”

Based on the research and customer feedback, a team of five has worked directly on this project, with input from other head office staff, directors, and franchisees, for the past year.

“We also took into account leading national and international brands to make sure that Hairhouse Warehouse sets a new worldwide benchmark,” says Peter.

The result of over twelve months’ hard work and fine-tuning is a store with a self-select, user-friendly layout that allows the customer to easily compare all of their options, offering the ultimate customer shopping experience.

“A customer can’t walk into a store and be expected to understand all of the different products and how they work,” George says. “We’ve designed a three-tier system that identifies a problem and then finds a solution to it. The system educates the customer and simplifies their buying journey.”

 “Regardless of what type of customer you are, or what problem you’re seeking a solution to, the new store design makes it easy for you to make a purchase,” George says. “Let’s say you’re looking for a haircare product to treat dry hair. You’d go to the haircare product section, which will be tiered into categories according to the solutions they provide, such as adding volume, protecting colour etc. The categories will be divided into brands, so you’ll be able to easily select your solution from your favourite brand.”

Men’s grooming products will be grouped in its own section, and similarly displayed according to brand and category. To assist the buyer’s journey, electrical products such as hair dryers and straighteners will be displayed on a style tool bar, allowing customer to pick them up and feel what they are buying.

The new design also enables staff members to better assist customers. Staff can show customers all the products in a section without crossing the entire store. They can offer a wider variety of options than before, and opportunities to upsell. This is great news for franchisees, who can expect the benefits of potential add on sales and encourage customer loyalty.

The store’s physical appearance has also undergone a facelift. The floor space has opened up, allowing customers to explore in an intuitive way. Blue lighting surrounds the store frontage, giving the space a clean, contemporary look. For the first time, the salon signage hasn’t been an afterthought, but rather a key part of the new store design.

“Many customers don’t realise that when you walk into a Hairhouse Warehouse store you can buy products as well as get full salon service,” says Store Development Manager, Leah Evans.

 “Everything from the finishes to the light fittings to the placement of products in the new store design has been meticulously chosen,” Leah says. “Everything has been put in place for a reason. We’re telling a story about every product we sell – where it comes from and how it is used.”

As with every change they have embraced, Hairhouse Warehouse has left no stone unturned in re-designing their stores. Joseph Lattouf says that seventy per cent of existing stores will be converted to the new design over the next eighteen months.

“Depending on the individual store, this will either be a complete overhaul or done in sections,” Joseph says.

 “We are always on the lookout for ways to improve,” Peter Fiasco adds. “We owe it to our franchisees to remain at the cutting edge of the industry.”

The brand’s willingness to transform the face of their retail environment and respond to customer feedback will ensure that Hairhouse Warehouse remains at the very forefront of the industry for the foreseeable future.


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