Big Business in Little Places


Hairhouse Warehouse’s expansion rollout offers people not only the opportunity to run their own successful business, but also to be multiple franchise owners if they desire.

“The days when you had to live in a major city to have opportunities of this kind are long gone,” says Peter Fiasco, Franchise Development Manager for the Hairhouse Warehouse Group. “Now you can enjoy all the benefits of regional life while running your own business, connected to a strong national brand.”

Craig Kazakoff and his wife, Shaneen, invested in their first Hairhouse Warehouse franchise two-and-a-half years ago to help Shaneen realise her goal of running her own business. The Gungahlin store, located north of Canberra, also provided an incentive for the couple’s two daughters to move to the ACT.

Following their success with the Gungahlin store, the Kazakoffs saw a new Hairhouse Warehouse store in Tuggeranong (twenty kilometres south of Canberra) as an opportunity to grow their family’s wealth and provide a future for their daughters. 
“The proposed store was well located,” Craig says. “The area was poorly serviced, and we saw an opportunity that would be beneficial to us and to our customers. We see Hairhouse Warehouse as a very strong brand. It’s a well-run company and the support we get from Head Office is absolutely fantastic.”

“This is a brand that invests heavily in marketing and support to its franchisees,” Craig adds. “I have been consistently amazed by the calibre of people Hairhouse Warehouse has been able to attract.”
The newly opened Tuggeranong store is very much a family operation. “The work that needs to be done can be shared around,” Craig says. “It helps unite our family around common goals.”

Craig will continue to run his civil engineering consultancy business while he oversees the administrative side of the two franchises. The couple’s youngest daughter, Rebecca, an apprentice hairdresser who had been working at the Gungahlin store for two years, will manage the new Tuggeranong store.

Rebecca’s older sister, Amanda, is a qualified hairdresser and member of the Hairhouse Warehouse Dream Team 2014–15. Amanda has five years’ experience managing a Hairhouse Warehouse outlet, and will be operations manager for the new store, while Shaneen will do the buying for both stores.

“This has enabled us to get every member of our family into roles they enjoy, and to mutually support one another,” Craig says. “We have all settled in wonderfully to Canberra, and into the businesses. We couldn’t be happier!”
While the hairdressing gene runs strong through the women in Craig’s family, Peter Fiasco points out that it is not a prerequisite for success with Hairhouse Warehouse. “We look for people with good leadership skills, a passion for excellence, and an understanding of how business works,” Peter says.

Hervey Bay local, Melissa Krisanski, hails from a franchising background in the fast food business, and is excited about the opening of her new Hairhouse Warehouse store in Hervey Bay.

“There is nothing in Hervey Bay or the surrounding area that even comes close to what Hairhouse Warehouse offers,” Melissa says. “Also, there are a lot of home hairdressers in the area, so there’s an opportunity to supply them with product.”
After identifying the gap in the market, Melissa carried out extensive online research on the Hairhouse Warehouse brand, and also went into stores to speak with business owners directly. “It was the training and support that really sold us on the brand,” Melissa says. “It’s quite amazing what they offer in help, guidance and support.”

Melissa spent a day in Melbourne with the Head Office team, finding out what Hairhouse Warehouse was all about. She then spent a couple of weeks training in-store with another franchisee.

“Head office staff are now training with us, and will stay on for two weeks after we open,” Melissa says. “The people at Hairhouse Warehouse are so genuine. As a franchisee, you’re never just a number in the system. The owners are still involved in the business, and everyone we’ve dealt with is passionate about what they do and about the brand.”

Melissa plans to work in the store’s retail area, and has employed five local hairdressers to run the salon and also work in the retail side. Melissa’s business partner, Doug Fogg, already has a Hairhouse Warehouse franchise in Western Australia, and will oversee the operation.

“We definitely want to open more outlets,” Melissa says. “We’ll work hard in this store and aspire to get a group of stores.”
With Hairhouse Warehouse’s plans to add a further ten stores to its group by the end of this financial year, Melissa’s dream may be well on its way to becoming a reality.


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