Franchisee/Franchisor Relationships

Typically, your Franchise Support Consultant (sometimes called a Field Coach) will make contact with you on a regular basis and monitor the progress of your business.

You should seek answers to any queries you may have by firstly referring to the Operations Manuals and the contact points provided.  The training provided during your Franchise Induction Program should include use of an internal communications platform where useful templates, forms, guidelines, etc. are maintained.

Your Franchise Support Consultant should be your first point of contact for all queries you may have regarding the franchise and your business. 

The franchisor should have a head office team trained and qualified to provide the network with assistance, information and guidance that will assist in the continued success of the network as a whole.

Your Contribution to the System

Do not be afraid to contribute your suggestions.  The franchisor should see your input as invaluable in ensuring that the network continues to improve. Your own business will improve and the network will be able to remain ahead of its competition.