Getting the location right

Locations that get results

Catering to the needs of our customers is vital.  Our customers seek convenience and enjoy impulse shopping within major retail precincts, so consequently, choosing the right locations to open new stores is crucial to our business.

Hairhouse Warehouse has developed a well-defined site selection process, which involves years of research, taking into account the economic situation of the target location. Bench marking and modelling is done to ensure the right leasing opportunities are secured for our franchisees.

Franchisees can be assured with expertise on:

1. Strategy Development:

Strategic advice and planning on the store rollout, occupancy sustainability, brand saturation, catchment demographics and business feasibility to assess all location sit

2. Occupancy Sustainability:

We will negotiate your lease agreements using tools and experience to deliver you sustainable occupancy levels.

3. Network Growth:

We will source, research and negotiate the best rental result for your business using real market data and location intelligence.

4. Lease and Documentation Review:

We will review your lease, agreement for lease, deeds, disclosures and all documentation through the process and can negotiate and instruct lawyers.

Today, with almost with over 140 stores across Australia, Hairhouse Warehouse is the largest and fastest growing retail hair care and beauty salon franchise operator. The company continues to open several new businesses each year, regardless of economic and property cycles, however, Hairhouse Warehouse does not open stores and grow for the sake of growth. We open open stores in a business sustainable way, ensuring that we continue to grow for the long term, not just the short term.

Over our long history, our leasing team has developed strong long term relationships with landlords and leasing managers across Australia. This ensures that if there is store to be opened, we can negotiate for the best sustainable lease.

And as we grow, the opportunities for our franchisees to expand their businesses with us grow as well.


“The site selection process I found invaluable.  As we all know location is the key to the success or failure of a business, so having the Hairhouse Warehouse team on side with their expertise, and strong relationship built over the years with the leading Shopping Centres, ensures you are a step ahead.”

Jeremy Pfeiler, Carousel Franchisee


  Hairhouse Warehouse planned store growth from 2014 to 2017