Store Design, Set Up & Opening

Hairhouse Warehouse has been opening stores for just over 20 years. In that time we have got many things right and some not so right. Most importantly though, we have learnt and also built up a huge amount of experience and knowledge on how to open a new store successful, with as little fuss as possible.

Opening a new store is a big deal, no matter how experienced you are or are not. Hairhouse Warehouse holds your hand through every step. From the design phase, through to the preparation, opening, hiring your team through to the grand opening day.

Design Phase

Hairhouse Warehouse have their own in house design team that design all our stores from the ground up. Our architect draws up the design based on the best utilisation of the space available to us in a store. All designs are provided to a buyer prior to being submitted to council for approval. As a franchisee, you will have the ability to provide some input into the design, but the design must always remain within the Hairhouse Warehouse design specifications.


 Above: Side Salon Design Above: Back Salon Design

The store design will be dictated to a certain extent by the site we secure. If the store frontage is narrow, we design a store with a Salon in the back. If the store frontage is wider and is able to accommodate a side salon, we will always opt for a side salon.

Our store sizes range from 80 square metres to 130 square metres. The store size that we lease will be depend on the site analysis that we have done. The number of retail bays and salon chairs will also depend on many factors, including our site analysis and store size, shape and layout.

Preparing to Open Your Store

Hairhouse Warehouse provides you will all the tools and guidance needed towards preparing to get the store opened. This includes stock planning, providing tools and assistance around hiring a team for your store, right through to getting all utilities set up. We have a Store coordinator who's job it is to hold your hand through this process.

Store Fit out and Stocking your Store

Our Development team ensure that the designs come to life. They monitor and coordinate the store build and ensure that the store is built and fitted out to our specifications. Once the store fit out is ready, we roll up our sleeves and stock the store, ready to be opened.

We have a store opening team who join you and your team to stock the store and get it ready for store opening.

Grand Opening

After all the hard work, this is the day that it all comes together, and we are there once again to support you through the planning and the opening. Every store we open, we ensure the local community know about it, but started local campaigns leading towards the opening day. We also work with supplier to ensure you have some great value items that your customers will want.


Opening a store is a busy time for everyone, and sometimes a very stressful time. For this reason, we ensure that our franchisees are supported through this whole process.


“Opening our store was a daunting task, but it was made so much easier by the Support Centre team.  I'm not sure if we could have done it without them. They were great and I didn't want them to leave once we opened.”

Raelene Dickinson, Gladstone Qld Franchisee